The Tale of the Crippled Boy, Fragment of a Lost Tale – John Frame

“The Tale of the Crippled Boy” is the first part of an amazing art project made by the great artist John Frame “Three Fragment of a Lost Tale”. The exhibit features more than thirty figures all handcrafted by the artist from carved wood and found material. John Frame sculpted, animated, photographed and made them being part of short film which first segment of the story is about “a lost culture were things has gone rather awry”. This poetic and beautiful modern tale highlights those figurative sculpture as an examination of human condition. The short movie asks for a deep reflection about the loss of meaning and the loss of time in our lives.

John says : ” Over the last five years, with help from only few family members and close friends, I have made, animated, photographed and scored all of the elements in the project, treating each as a work of art in it’s own right”.

This lead to a reflection about creation art making process by John Ruskin: “Fine art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart of man go together.”

Watch a one minute preview :

Explore more of John Frame’s world on his website :

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